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I’m really tired of being sick all the time, I just want the treatment and to get better.. I’m tired of being homeless and being so far from the girl I love..
I’m quite close to penniless, and even after applying everywhere I’m still fighting and trying to get a job… Commissions are what I’m living off of, and they’re few and far between… Ugh.. This guy right here isn’t having fun.
Can’t wait til I cheer up so my doodles will stop looking grumpy. hah. Don’t judge me for drawing myself, I like how my hair looks as of late now that its grown a little.

Reblogging this in hopes that my (very few) followers might reblog/share this and get harvester-of-souls some commissions. I know what it’s like to be in this position, and if I had anything to spare at the moment, I would. Help out a fellow artist, and more importantly, a human being in need of a break. 

Um. Merida got a redesign. And tHIS IS NOT OKAY?? Sure Disney’s done redesigns for all their princesses lately and they messed those up pretty badly too. There’s no point raising a fuss about Cinderella and Aurora’s bangs because sigh I guess it’s just hair (even though it really is quite atrocious. Their iconic hairstyles are simply gone) and it’s the downright disrespectful appropriation going on in Pocahontas’ new look that merits more complaints. But this. THIS. They’ve taken poor Merida and turned her into exactly what she didn’t want to be. She’s clearly skinnier than before even though Brenda Chapman specifically designed her not to be, her poor precious face is almost unrecognisable and they put her in the dress that she hated, the dress that wasn’t just literally a physical constraint for her but symbolised everything that she hated about her life. They’ve put her in the dress that stands against everything she spent her entire film fighting against. They gave Merida choice and autonomy and now they’re taking it away just because they want her to fit in with the rest of the princesses. THE WHOLE POINT OF THE FILM AND THE CHARACTER WAS THAT SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO CONFORM TO OTHER PEOPLE’S EXPECTATIONS OF HER BUT THAT SHE CAN BE A STRONG, CONFIDENT AND STILL FEMININEYOUNG WOMAN ON. HER. OWN. TERMS. And Disney’s gone and spit on all of that. It’s not even the people who drew and designed her that want it, there are so many interviews and inside opinions where people specifically state that they hate what they’re doing to the characters with the redesigns, and that they keep trying to tone them down or keep them closer to the spirit of the originals. But marketing or whatever other crappy departments Disney have breathing down their necks forbid them from doing so and insist that no, make them look more ridiculous more horrible because this is Disney we don’t care about children growing up with healthy views on women all we care about is money and we’re sure this will get us lots of it omg so much money all the money leT’S EMBRACE THE MISOGYNY BECAUSE IT’LL GIVE US MORE CASH THAN WE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH. It’s not even just me, there is petition going around for people to sign asking Disney to stop and change Merida back because no this is wrong this is disgusting and i am in literal tears right now i cant handle this shit.

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